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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Because the World Wide MLS is an internet application, the need to monitor network operations is a primary and formal mandate for the GR8C to implement. Specific functions of network operations include performance, maintenance, quality of service, status of service, network uptime, and analyzing of test and production environments. Incident response and reporting will both enhance the ongoing network operation while creating historical data for future reported disruptions and possible outages within the network. Two important network areas necessary for monitoring are addressing and routing.


Network addressing is essential for day-to-day operations for WWMLS. Assigning and maintaining internet protocol (IP) number addressing is a necessary function for proper operation of network servers within production and test network environments. The implementation of the MLSN protocol requires assigning and maintaining MLS Numbers resolving to registered property listings. Maintaining domain names to assigned IP numbers is another network function necessary for providing DNS services and uninterrupted network operations.


The foundation of the WWMLS is based upon internet protocols. Similar to the WHOIS protocol functionality, the MLSN protocol is a request response messaging protocol allowing users query listing information. RETP protocol distributes property listings using a hub-and-spoke network topology with the GR8C registry at the central location and registrars making up outer network layers. REGNS is an future and experimental protocol for routing and addressing user created listing names to assigned MLS numbers.

World Wide MLS Environments and Network Operations Center
WWMLS Environments and NOC

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