Accredited OpenMLS® Registrar (AOR) Program

The GR8C’s primary program requirement is to develop an accreditation program for evaluating and accrediting third-party organizations for becoming AORs. These AORs will operate as online listing registrars for users known as registrants, wanting to register their property listings within the WWMLS. With an eventual framework and processes in place, the ultimate goal is to create a web portal where candidate registrars register their organization online by uploading required documents (application, supporting documents, etc.) to be reviewed by a non-biased committee. Candidate registrars are either accredited or rejected based upon the evaluation process by the committee.

AOR Review Process

During an open window time period, CRs may submit applications to the GR8C for becoming an AOR. Using a set of evaluation questions, the AOR Review Team reviews submitted applications within 30 days. After each application is reviewed thoroughly, the AOR Review Team notifies the CR regarding acceptance or rejection of their application. If acceptance is rendered, the CR will pay the accreditation fee to the GR8C and then becomes an AOR. However, if rejection occurs, the AOR may offer modification suggestions or improvements to the CR’s application for future submissions.

AOR Compliance Review

The AOR compliance review involves the same compliance staff, the AOR Review Team, reviewing AOR’s operations, marketing communications and data listings. The selected AOR is randomly and objectively selected among the entire pool of AORs. During the compliance review, the AOR Review Team will test the AOR’s website for contact correctness, an operational MLSN public service, a data reminders feature and submitted listings to the registry. In addition, business practices, financial standing and compliance with agreed upon registrar policies are all reviewed by the AOR Review Team.

World Wide MLS AOR Process Review
AOR Review Process

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