Technology of WWMLS

Multiple Listing Service Network (MLSN) Protocol

Multiple Listing Service Network (MLSN) Protocol is a request response messaging protocol for allowing users to query property listing information on reserved internet port 32801. The numbering scheme is comprised of two parts separated by an '@' symbol: (1) a triple-dotted notation of three decimal integers ranging from 1 to 65,535 and (2) a double-dotted notation number composed of a postal code and country code standardized by ISO 3166-1. Taking in consideration for expired listings, MLSN offers a reusable feature which allows assigning a new, double-dotted notation number to a preexisting triple-dotted number thereby creating a new MLSN property listing number. Together with a standard protocol and unique numbering schema, MLSN provides a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to users for conducting a more efficient and convenient real estate property searching on the Internet.

Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP)

Current multiple listing services (MLS) are antiquated messaging systems due to strong coupling to their localized market and lack of interoperability for provisioning listings. Moreover, these same MLSs are operated as controlled gateways eliminating public access and global network distribution. Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP) resolves past and current legacy MLS inefficiencies. Using reserved internet port 32811, RETP provides a fire-and-forget messaging protocol for sending and receiving listings over the Internet to geographically distributed MLSs acting as listing registrars. RETP creates a hub-and-spoke network topology for provisioning listings from a centralized registry to trusted registrars in the network. Three use case scenarios for provisioning messaging listings are registrant to registrar, registrant to registrar to registry, and then finally, registrant to registrar to registry to multiple registrars.

Real Estate Metadata Language (Remetal)

Real Estate Metadata Language (Remetal) is an extensible markup language (XML) describing real estate properties. Using XML technologies, properties are marked up in elements and attributes which adhere to specific rules according an XML Schema. The main benefit of Remetal is the passing of XML documents between Accredited OpenMLS® Registrars and the GR8C Registry. Another Remetal feature is the standardization of property elements and attributes for creating a globally accepted and universal vocabulary for real estate properties. One use case of Remetal is the sending of XML documents from a registrar to the GR8C Registry for posting a listing by a registrant or user. After the registry receives the Remetal document, inspection and archival take place before sending copies of the XML document to other Accredited OpenMLS® Registrars.

Future Technologies

The GR8C is constantly researching and developing new technologies to enhance WWMLS for greater public use. One such future technology will allow resolving MLSN numbers to names for simplifying the way humans refer to property listings. For example, a property listing with MLSN number of will resolve to a more user friendly address such as Another upcoming technology involves notifications of changes in listings' prices using a publish and subscribe messaging model. For instance, a registrant of a listing publishes a decrease in the price of his listing which automatically notifies registrants subscribed to the listing within the WWMLS. As the World Wide Web (WWW) moving to a semantic technologies, WWMLS will also follow. Developing a specific semantic ontology for the WWMLS, property listings will be able to be discovered, quickly interpreted, and processed by WWW machines for indexing and searching. To better adapt to the world's listings, implementing internationalization (I18N) technologies will create and build one global MLS for all people everywhere!

World Wide MLS Stack
WWMLS Technology Stack

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