The World Wide MLS is a global multiple listing service for everyone.

World Wide MLS (WWMLS) is an internet-based application offering:

  • An open system for posting, browsing and searching for real estate properties
  • A globally distributed network of Accredited OpenMLS® Registrars
  • A "level playing field" for real estate consumers, professionals, and businesses

WWMLS is comprised of two internet protocols, Multiple Listing Service Network (MLSN) Protocol and Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP), invented by Corey Leong and governed by the Global Real Estate And Technology Consortium (GR8C), a nonprofit scientific organization. A messaging vocabulary, Real Estate Metadata Language, allows for sending and receiving listings between registrants, registrars, and the GR8C registry over the Internet.

WWMLS is a public service-based internet application for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

World Wide MLS Heirarchy
World Wide MLS Hierarchy

About World Wide MLS

The original concept for a World Wide Multiple Listing Service began with an idea in 2002 while researching a local real estate association's MLS. After discovering the private and closed nature of the MLS, an open, public MLS allowing anyone to list, browse and search for real estate properties made sense because of Metcalf's Law and the value of a global network effect.

After registering openmls.org, openmls.net, and openmls.com in 2002, Corey Leong began researching and developing a public facing MLS website for anyone to post, browse and search for a property listing. One of the first versions of OpenMLS® offered similar features to eBay, Craigslist, and Yahoo! back in the day. Development of new iterations of OpenMLS® were developed, however, a solution still did not present itself.

In 2008, Corey established a scientific organization called the Global Real Estate And Technology Consortium (GR8C). The GR8C was incorporated as a nonprofit organization for researching and developing new technologies for the general public. Research and development continued on OpenMLS®, however, several failed attempts occurred.

In 2010, Corey finally realized success from the development of a new internet protocol appropriately named Multiple Listing Service Network (MLSN). Reserved internet port 32801 was assigned by IANA for the MLSN Protocol. Later that same year, Corey invented a second internet protocol, Real Estate Transport Protocol (RETP), which was assigned internet port 32811 by IANA. Needing a messaging vocabulary for both MLSN and RETP, Corey's third invention for developing WWMLS was an extensible markup language (XML) which later became Real Estate Metadata Language (Remetal).

Benefits of WWMLS

  • Because of its distributed architecture, property listings are accessible globally eliminating only local accessibility.
  • Using the Internet, WWMLS automatically provisions new listings and listing updates to all nodes on the network.
  • Each listing is uniquely assigned an MLSN number which can be later reused after a listing expires or is sold.
  • All listings' property information are accessible via the MLSN Protocol lookup service over port 32801 or from an Accredited OpenMLS® Registrar's website.
  • Creating a hub-and-spoke network, competition between Accredited OpenMLS® Registrars is established for offering best services and pricing to their customers.

World Wide MLS Timeline
WWMLS Timeline

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